Recovering from Cataract Surgery in Washington, DC

Aftercare is one thing many people often fail to consider when deciding to undergo cataract surgery in Washington DC.  After the surgery has been completed the patient still must go through the stages of cataract surgery recovery, rehabilitation, and post-op checkups. Do some research to make sure that you find a doctor’s office that has a proven record of outstanding care. No one wants to go through cataract surgery and then find that his or her recovery is not a priority for their Washington, DC cataract surgeon. Recovery after cataract surgery is best handled in a patient manner.

After surgery you may experience discomfort and itching of the eyes, this is normal and should be anticipated. Fluids may also drain from the eyes, and sensitivity to light is common. Take care to never scratch your eye and avoid exposure to bright lights after cataract surgery. If the initial discomfort remains after one or two days, you should contact your Washington, DC cataract surgeon’s office.
Here are some important tips for post-cataract surgery recovery:

  • Make sure you follow the instructions and guidance of your Washington, DC cataract doctor.

  • Eyedrops may be used at your doctor’s discretion to help the healing process.

  • You should wear eye shields or eyeglasses to protect your eye.

  • Never rub or press on the eye, as you can cause complications with the healing process.

Remember, using eyedrops should be left to your Washington, DC eye surgeon’s discretion. Make sure that you ask them how to use the eyedrops, when to use them and how often, and what the effects will be. Checking in with your  eye doctor is a very important part of recovering from cataract surgery.

Once you are finished with surgery, you may need to temporarily refrain from taking certain medications. It is important to tell your Washington, DC eye doctor what medications you are taking, and to listen to his or her guidance. Your cataract surgeon’s number one priority should be your eyes and your health. By following the instructions you can have a successful cataract surgery recovery period and excellent vision.