Side Effects for Cataract Surgery in Washington DC

There are many things to consider if you are diagnosed with cataracts. Once you have done your research on the top eye doctors in Washington DC, you should consider the cataract surgery side effects and risks involved with the procedure. Cataract surgeries involve risks of bleeding due to the nature of surgery itself. Cataract surgery side effects can result in undesirable conditions and should be handled by an experienced Washington DC, eye doctor as soon as signs reveal themselves.

side effects of cataract surgery in washington dc

Issues arising after Washington DC cataracts surgery are rare, but they do happen.  Cataract surgery side effects can include bleeding, infection, inflammation, double vision, loss of vision, high or low eye pressure, pain, swelling, and redness.

On occasion, patients who have had cataract surgery have experienced fogginess after the cloudy lens has been removed. This may be the result of a condition known as an after-cataract.  It is the result of eye tissue enclosing the IOL becoming cloudy, and will usually result in blurry vision. An after-cataract may become noticeable within months or years of the cataract surgery. The standard treatment for an after-cataract is laser surgery. The cataract surgeon will make a very small hole in your eye tissue behind the lens.  This hole will allow light to pass through the eye. This treatment is known as YAG capsulotomy, and it is generally painless and risk free.

Retinal detachment has an increased chance of occurring after cataract surgery. A sign of retinal detachment is rapid increase in floaters or flashes.  If you notice that you are experiencing signs of retinal detachment, you should see a cataract surgeon of Washington, DC today. Timely treatment of a retinal detachment can prevent loss of vision, so it is crucial that you act fast.

To do your part in preventing the above cataract surgery side effects, make sure that you follow all of your doctor’s instructions. This is a common sense and beneficial practice to follow, and it will save you the hassle of finding a Washington, DC eye doctor for follow up care. Choosing a cataract surgeon in Washington, DC who provides great after-care is important to protecting your eyes from side effects of cataract surgery. If you choose one of the top cataract surgeons in the Washington, DC, then you probably will not even have to worry about side effects. Just to be safe, it is always important to follow the eye doctor’s instructions and to contact your cataract surgeon’s office immediately if signs of side effects should arise.