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From routine vision exams to LASIK, DC ophthalmologists are highly trained and reputable professionals, ready to maintain and restore your visual health.

For those seeking cataract surgery from Washington DC eye doctors who are expert surgeons provide a wealth of information. Though highly treatable, cataracts are unique among eye disorders, as they cannot be fixed through LASIK or corrective lenses. Cataract surgery in Washington DC, however, is a common and highly effective solution for those suffering from cataracts in the area.

Though distinct from other eye disorders, cataracts are, in fact, very common. Most adults will experience cataracts by age 80, and a high percentage by age 50. This highly common visual impairment occurs when the lens in the eye becomes discolored or loses flexibility. The proteins of the lens can clump together, distorting light and blurring one’s vision. The surgeon can then remove the clouded or discolored lens and replace it with what is called an Intraocular Lens (IOL), an artificial replacement. Washington DC cataract doctors have performed thousands of this procedure, with a high success rate, close follow-up and excellent patient satisfaction.


When you undergo cataract surgery, your Washington DC eye doctor will make an incision into the eye. Using a high-frequency ultrasound device, your surgeon will then to dissolve the natural lens and remove the pieces via gentle suction. This process is known as phacoemulsification, or simply “phaco.” Once the lens is removed, your cataract surgeon will insert the new artificial lens behind the iris and pupil, then close the incision. Sometimes stitches will be necessary. Your DC cataract surgeon will certainly provide you with protective eyewear to wear during your recovery.

Some Washington DC cataract surgeons may cut the eye with a femtosecond laser, the same laser used to make incisions in LASIK surgery. While this can quicken the already short healing time, it has not been proven to make cataract surgery any safer, and it will significantly add to the cost of surgery, as the equipment is expensive. We encourage you, however, to explore any avenues that interest you when you consult with eye doctors in Washington DC.