Pricing For Cataract Treatment & Recovery In DC

Undergoing cataract surgery can be a frightening thought. Besides the procedure and recovery, patients have to deal with high costs of cataract surgery. If you or someone you know are considering having a cataract surgery in the future, then you should read on to discover what costs you can expect to accrue.

On average, the cost of cataract surgery depends on the area and the expertise of the physician. Many times insurance will help alleviate the price of the procedure, and cataracts pricing treatment will always take insurance and alternate payment methods into account.   Many times the cost of the surgery can be directly attributed to the type of lens the patient requires.  “Premium Lenses” are generally more expensive and potentially not covered by insurance providers who might consider them to be unnecessary.  This may seem shocking to many people who are considering surgery, but fortunately resources exist that can get help you understand and adjust to the costs.


Before you make the decision not to undergo cataract surgery due to the price, you should do some research and make contact with professional ophthalmologists in your area.  By discussing options with professionals, you can get a better understanding of the costs of the procedures and payment options.

It is not always enough to simply contact an ophthalmologist’s office, and sometimes you will need to seek out information from a trusted online source.  It is recommended that you visit the following in your search cataract surgery in Washington, DC:

  • Medicare or Medicaid website.
  • Insurance resources or websites.
  • Your potential ophthalmologist’s website.

Once you have a strong understanding of what you would like to have done, which ophthalmologist you intend to see, and what the costs might be, then you can look into payment options.  If you have vision insurance through your work, a private plan, or a government plan, then you will want to check and make sure that you see an ophthalmologist that is in your insurance network.  You should check with your insurance provider or Medicare consultant to see what they can and cannot cover.

Due to the costliness of a cataract surgery, it is important for you to have at least a basic insurance plan to help pay for the procedure and other costs.  If you are looking for an insurance provider, and specifically Vision Insurance, then you should

After taking the time to research pricing information and resources, it is a good idea to reach out to your insurance provider in order to fully understand what they cover.  While standard cataract surgeries will usually be covered at least partially by many insurance providers, the likelihood of a “premium” lens being covered depends on the type of plan you have.  Remember to always make sure that all parts of the operation and recovery period are covered before making your decision.  If you are unsure about how to pay for cataracts surgery, or are uninsured, you can review the following resources or contact a professional today.