Qualified Cataract Doctor in Washington DC

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Finding a cataract surgeon in Washington DC may not be a clear-cut decision. Everyone’s eyes are different, and it is important to find a professional who makes you feel safe and comfortable. It helps to find a cataract surgeon in Washington DC with years of training and experience, who is more likely to have treated cases similar to yours. Cataract surgery is a very common and safe procedure, which can be performed on an outpatient basis. Still, it is important to find a cataract doctor in Washington DC who is qualified for your unique procedure, and the following tips can help:

  1. Ask for recommendations- More than half of Americans have had or will have cataracts in their lifetime, so if you ask around, the likelihood of finding a competent surgeon is very strong. Patient satisfaction is any good doctor’s number 1 priority, and a great way to help you narrow down your options. However, your friend or family member’s opinion should not be the sole basis for your choosing a professional.

  2. Look at your insurance. Once you have your recommendations, go down the list and see who accepts your insurance provider. This simple step can greatly help you narrow down your options.

  3. Consult with the medical professionals on your list. Look to your Washington DC cataract surgeon’s credentials. Is the doctor you are considering a board certified ophthalmologist and surgeon? While cataract surgery is relatively safe, it is still a delicate procedure, and should only be performed by a licensed professional: someone who has completed residency training in surgery and ophthalmology. Also look to your potential surgeon’s professional publications, teaching credentials, memberships, fellowships, and other accolades.

  4. Get a sense of care and aftercare. Ask the following questions:

    1. How many visits will you have pre and post surgery?

    2. Does your Washington DC cataract surgeon thoroughly track patients’ recovery time?

    3. Do you feel like you have a thorough understanding of the procedure before going into it?

    4. Do you spend a significant amount of time with the doctor, or is he/she only present during surgery?

Ensure that you are comfortable with these answers.

Selecting a qualified surgeon is a not a decision you should rush. However, finding a cataract surgeon in Washington DC does not have to feel overwhelming either. Hopefully with the guidance provided, you will feel confident moving forward. C0ntact a Washington DC cataract doctor’s office for more information.