What Causes Cataracts From A Washington, DC Specialist

If your Washington DC eye doctor diagnoses you with cataracts, you may wonder what caused them. To understand what causes cataracts, first it might be helpful to understand how an eye without cataracts works. The lens is the part of the eye that focuses light onto the retina in the back of the eye. It consists primarily of water and protein which allows the lens to stay clear so that light may pass through. Your lens is very important for adjusting the focus of your eye, which is necessary in order to see things clearly at all distances.

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So what causes cataracts? As people get older the protein in the lens may clump together and begin clouding part of the lens. This is a cataract, and over time it may grow to cloud a larger area of the lens. Cataracts severely reduce the focus of a person’s sight, and should be treated by a cataract surgeon. If you find that your vision is blurry and unfocused, then you should visit an eye doctor in Washington, DC to have your eyes checked for cataracts.

Most cataracts occur as a result of aging, and are very common in elderly populations. As you age the likelihood of developing cataracts increases. Other, less common forms of cataracts include secondary cataracts which are formed after a surgery or other eye problem, and traumatic cataracts which are the result of eye injuries.

Besides the elderly, middle aged individuals can develop cataracts, but most are small and will not severely affect vision. Cataracts often can develop as a secondary condition related to diseases such as diabetes. There are instances where babies are born with cataracts resulting from injury, infection, or poor development. Cigarette smoke, pollution, and heavy alcohol consumption have also been linked to cataracts.

Treatments for cataracts exist, and they have proven to be extremely effective in the Washington, DC area. By contacting a top cataract surgeon or eye doctor in Washington, DC, you can ensure that your eyes will be treated with care. Make sure that you do some reviewing of the types of procedures that exist, and always do background research before choosing a Washington, DC cataract surgeon. Now you know what causes cataracts, and some of the next steps you can take towards improving your vision permanently.